Stellar Suites

Brightly lit, tastefully decorated and comfortably furnished Stellar Suites is the place wherein fashion, opulence, and perfection meet a global of splendor and lifestyle. They constitute a new idea of sanctuary that have a completely unique character, and combine courteous and warm service with actual subculture. Stellar Suites were designed for the exclusive guest who’s able to respect a unique type of comfort, elegance, space and tranquility.

Stellar Premium Rooms

Deluxe Rooms feature a large picture window that allows abundant natural light to drift in during the day. Elegant furnishings sit alongside Stellars verdant surroundings, while a king size or twin beds take centre stage. You can dream of rest, relaxation and tranquility in a stunning setting with truly personal service. Stellar Premium Rooms offers a unique combination of privacy and bespoke luxury.

Stellar Deluxe Rooms

Stellar Deluxe Rooms are stylish, spacious and imbibe sophistication. These spacious rooms were carefully designed together with your comfort and satisfaction in mind. Crafted with an emphasis on our guests’ consolation, these modern-day and functional rooms will make you experience right at home. Whether you long to be poolside, adore a balcony with a view, or prefer complete relaxation and serenity at some point of your live, you’ll find a private sanctuary to satisfy your each need at Stellar Deluxe Rooms.

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